The Flight Attendant

The Travel


By: Virginia Close

As she announces when we take off;

Seat belt on please to everyone. We

all obey her strict command;

For if we’re not, we cannot come.

I am like a child as I sit still; Her

very words I cannot break.

This is what I have in mind;

To follow her in every way.

If I don’t listen and, obey;

She will throw me, I will miss

the flight. To go home or see a new

place is out of sight;

To take the ship is not very swift.

The flight attendant lady is my

boss today; incredible skills she has

the grand. She treats me like;

a princess or a queen. This kind

lady gives me assurance that I am fine.

She might be tough but very brave;

to fly with me and many others on the

jet; Towering in the sky. The dedication

of her quest; My respect for her is very

high. A flight attendant even says;

just relax and drink your wine, ma’am and

sirs.’ Blankets for the kids to keep them

warm; Hope you do enjoy the flying time.

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