33EFC2D3-B041-4645-AF0A-163709996B55My granddaughter is a treasure to my heart!


The Happiest Birthday Girl!

I know a beautiful girl named Juliette.

She lives in a faraway land. Paris – that is.

Her eyes are the lights of the sea.

Not only that!

They also sparkle like shining stars.

Her voice sounds like a singing angel

coming from the sky that lyrics the music

in my heart. Oh! How enchanting that is.

Thus captivates my soul.

With her soft little hands,

she caresses my face – like giving thanks

that I am around. I vividly recall when I visited her,

I read stories of fairy tales. As she listened

with all delight, her semblance shines

that makes me bloom like a bud of a rose.

This adorable being is so dear to my heart.

Although Juliette lives away from my side,

I am thankful that she loves me with all her heart.

Happy Birthday my sweet granddaughter.

You bring me laughter and joy that makes

me whole!

My Sweetest Mother

My Sweetest Mother

The kindest heart you have;
nurturing soul that inspires
my creativity – that is you
and no one else.

In your womb, I was fed
and cared for. With the grace
and blessings of God, I am

here breathing the joy of life.
No one else aside from
The Almighty will love me

as conditional as you would.
Without you, I am no one.
And it is you who reminds me –

to love God above all.
From the very core of my being,
I love you my sweetest mama.

Happy Mother’s Day!
You deserve the greatest
glory in your beautiful journey.

Thank you so much Lord for giving me my mum! For my mother’s devotion, faithfulness, and undying love – the greatest present from High Above.

In the lane

Live your life today; For you to cherish the yesterday. Tomorrow is another day; Aim as if tomorrow is today.-13Every Valentine’s day is no different from the other. It is a special day; it does not matter where you live. There is always the excitement even before the exceptional and unique day when you are in love. Love is an indescribable feeling that gives you an overwhelming happiness. In relationships, there will be ups and downs. And when the debacles and challenges come your way, do not give up; find your peace spiritually. Ask the help of God. When you need the space alone to heal, contemplate and dig deeper to the realm of Divinity. You never know, you might be going to the highest level of your spirituality with your ‘Twin flame.’

By Virginia Close

In the lane


near the bay I could see my sweetheart

running. Wearing red shirt to conform with

the celebration of the day.

Valentine’s day, forgets he not to

bring me roses and glazed chocolates

that I love. My heart soars in the sky with

his thoughtfulness and kindness. I am

utterly lucky to have the ambrosial

love of my life. As I am giggling and laughing,

my excitement adheres. To give me kisses

and hugs is the epitome of my day.

Like a movie, in slow motion,

I start to move like a princess with

finesse execution. But not to my knowing,

a rock is going to trip me. Oh! My darling is

like a tornado, rushing with all his might.

The roses are flying in the air, the box

of chocolates crushing to the ground.

Never mind, I am safe as my darling catches me on time.

My heart is trembling, my soul divinely enhance,

and my spirit is at peace with my love in his arms.



How I wish



How I wish

By Virginia Close

How I wish I could hold your hands;
To go to places beyond my mind.
To the world where you and I
Can kiss and embrace without halt.

In your universe, I could not go as of now;
In your dreams I could not even come.
But that hinders not my love;
Nor prohibits my heart to stop my devotion to you.
Ceasing not I to recall the happy moments with you;
For heaven above hails my yearning for you.
With no denial you are now faraway;
Not by distance of land and not by the deepest sea.
Your body and soul is now with someone else;
It is painful and not just, but who am I not to comply.
The love given I to my dear sweetheart may not come back;
Regret not I but thankful that you were once mine.
I will never permit my soul to wonder;
Thus, yonder without destination to go.
No obstruction could standstill that my spirit could not break;
To reach your heart and continue my quest.
Even if the fluorite may no longer glow in the dark;
And the many facets of diamond loses its sparks.  
Your irresistible charm that melts my heart;
I will forever pray and asked God — for you to befall on my lap.

The Stubborn Woman

We make beautiful memories to cheer us in bad times (2)

By Virginia Close

The stubborn woman 

from yesterday becomes subservient today;
her wonderful thought of love comes in a flash.
A man from somewhere running to her very fast;
wooing and kneeling along with no cash.

‘It does not matter,’ she says, ‘God will provide;
as long you love me, we will go along fine.’
In her heart, she will walk with him with faith in God;
beyond her terms, but only her dreams.

Who is she to question why she falls in love?
To read what is coming, she would not care now.
Like a green pasture in the meadow, she will sing;
In the midst of the spring, she will dance with him.

She is thanking God for the blessings He brings;
her laughter in the air is all the Universe can hear.
The magic of love only God could deliver;
never question, just savour love with the guidance of God.

My husband

Today is champagne and roses, love and romance. Enjoy this happy day with your darling. Not all sweethearts are together physically today. Please bear in mind that distance is no barrier to a great relationship. 


By Virginia Close

My husband

is working in faraway land.
I am lonely and think of him
every second of the day.

Many moons and suns, I cry
without halt, for I miss my darling,
his smiles, his touches, and his voice.

To the world to be alone is the saddest
plot of all. Not to be near with
my sweetheart is doom to my heart,

My other half left so long ago to work
in a foreign land for our family to get by;
to give the glorious future to our daughters

and sons. Not only that, but my darling
also wants to hand me the best thing in life.
I am sure that he is suffering from being

apart from his kids and me.
Nevertheless, he endures for he loves
us dearly without stop.

Today is the coming of my love.
I have waited for this moment
every day since he was gone.

My heart is jumping to the sky,
gladness in my totality, food for the soul
that will make my spirit shine.

I am waiting patiently at the airport
with my family and friends. This is
the happiest time in my life.

My body shivers with joy
as I saw my love approaching by.
My breath almost stops when he

kisses me. Oh! My God, thank you
for bringing back my shining armour
in my arms safely and sound.




I am utterly lucky to have you!

My sister

As I promenade to the memories that we share;
I might be far, but my heart carries you all the way.
Thank you for the kindness that you continue to give;
You are an integral part of my great life.
In times of my happiness, you cherish with joy.
When I am down; ever more, it is you that I count on,
Going back to the path that we passed;
Not so long ago, outside forces tend to tear us apart.
They can try all they can, but, will succeed not;
For we are blood sisters bonded with our souls.
All my worries disappear when you are around;
In your absence, I remember the good old days.
In the gloomy moment, you make me laugh;
In the sparkling of the sun, the more you shine.
You have given me love to your best; such an inspiration, indeed. 
Beneath the façade of the faces that we know;
Your impressions fronting the inside is home to me.
In the midst of the tangible twists, you smile.
Unconditional love we bestow lightens our way.
On your special day, you deserve the ultimate gift.
From your younger sister, you spoilt from the start.
The absolute love untarnished through the years.
Though, you have heard it many times before; 

Happy Birthday my beautiful and sweetest sister! 

You are a gem – a present from High Above
May your dreams from the present and the past; 
Become real for you are worthy of the very best.

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Bright coloured


like a princess, I wear

to a ball in the bay.

The moonlight flatters

every piece of the necklace

on my neck – lustre

that hangs on my chest.

South sea pearls

from the Island of Tahiti.


Thoughts on my head;

beyond the horizon

comes back – priceless

memories I cherish.

My love and I will meet

tonight in the inlet.


Treasuring the moment

of the divine passion will

happen – romancing

under the glimmers

in a tropical setting.

Drinking coconut

cocktails with a dash

of magic will delight

my sweetheart.

The splashes

of the sea brought

by the breeze – moving

the universal gift;

epitome of the

goddess of beauty.


My darling is here;

flowers he brings

reaching – my

hands as he kneels

down, asking, will


you marry me?













Virginia lives in Australia for more than thirty years. Born and bred in the busy Metropolis of Manila, Philippines. In her first year of university, she enrolled in the College of Engineering at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. After a year, she shifted to the College of Arts and Sciences when she realised that writing is more important to her. She was passionate in writing that landed her a place to train in Communication Foundation for Asia before graduation. “Writing poetry is enjoyable. Poetry lyrics the melody in my heart. It enhances my soul and awakens my spirit. The people I encounter and the places I visit give me the utmost inspiration. The connection of my thoughts to the real world comes from my heart. To put in words the feeling inside me makes my sphere go beyond the realm of happiness. I hope you enjoy my blog.”

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I consider my nieces as daughters. I share their laughter and joy. I also cry with them whenever they have to. My shoulders are always there for them to lean on. Being an aunty is like being a mother. I give advice and keep their secrets. But, most times, those secrets are the sources of our laughter in their later life. The memories that I share with them is incomparable to none especially they grew up by my side. I have many nieces, and I love them all. Even now, I try to spend time with them as much as I could. Albeit, most of them live in different parts of the world, getting in touch is as easy as pressing the button. That is the beauty of the modern technology. However, it is still not the same when you bond face to face. I am one lucky aunt that I was able to spend the time with my nieces since they were babies. I changed their nappies; sang them lullabies and even created that baby words. We played in the park; shopped together and even ate on the one plate. The happiness I got with my nieces were incredible. The children of my siblings become part of my inspirations. We have great memories and we keep on creating more. Toni-Marie grew up with me. She is also my godchild and the only godmother she has. We have the bonding like mother and daughter. People who don’t know me thought that Toni is my daughter. She was always with me before I got married. And when I gave birth to my children, Toni was always there. She became like an older sister to my babies. Today is Toni’s special day. I made this poem especially for the cutest baby whom I cradled and loved so very much. To all the aunties and nieces, may your bonding and friendship become each other’s inspiration.




As I was not around when you were born;
I heard from your mama, that you came ahead of term,
that you were so tiny when you saw the light of day
Perhaps, the size of little doll that I used to play.

When I arrive from faraway isthmus;
With full delight to meet you; I hold you in my arms.
With the most pronounced dimples, you smile with flair;
those big brown eyes, you stare with utmost glares

You are the cutest baby in all the land;
I cry with glee as we converse in baby talks.
You coo like saying, hello my aunty, I’m glad you’re here!
With such delight, I sing a lullabye that soon puts you to sleep.

You are a beautiful person with the talent of class.
The goddess of art;  you really are!
A dazzling artist that is utterly hard to defeat;
for you were born with golden pencil in your hands.

You sketch and draw and don’t get tired.
Your imagination goes way up to the sky;
like a magic wand – you create a masterpiece,
that can sit with Michael Angelo or Picasso side by side.

I shall not forget that you bring the song to my heart;
your wits and humour I laugh to my guts.
The pefectness of your act; such great finesse,
is comparable only with the goddesses.