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How I wish



How I wish

By Virginia Close

How I wish I could hold your hands;
To go to places beyond my mind.
To the world where you and I
Can kiss and embrace without halt.

In your universe, I could not go as of now;
In your dreams I could not even come.
But that hinders not my love;
Nor prohibits my heart to stop my devotion to you.
Ceasing not I to recall the happy moments with you;
For heaven above hails my yearning for you.
With no denial you are now faraway;
Not by distance of land and not by the deepest sea.
Your body and soul is now with someone else;
It is painful and not just, but who am I not to comply.
The love given I to my dear sweetheart may not come back;
Regret not I but thankful that you were once mine.
I will never permit my soul to wonder;
Thus, yonder without destination to go.
No obstruction could standstill that my spirit could not break;
To reach your heart and continue my quest.
Even if the fluorite may no longer glow in the dark;
And the many facets of diamond loses its sparks.  
Your irresistible charm that melts my heart;
I will forever pray and asked God — for you to befall on my lap.