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How I wish



How I wish

By Virginia Close

How I wish I could hold your hands;
To go to places beyond my mind.
To the world where you and I
Can kiss and embrace without halt.

In your universe, I could not go as of now;
In your dreams I could not even come.
But that hinders not my love;
Nor prohibits my heart to stop my devotion to you.
Ceasing not I to recall the happy moments with you;
For heaven above hails my yearning for you.
With no denial you are now faraway;
Not by distance of land and not by the deepest sea.
Your body and soul is now with someone else;
It is painful and not just, but who am I not to comply.
The love given I to my dear sweetheart may not come back;
Regret not I but thankful that you were once mine.
I will never permit my soul to wonder;
Thus, yonder without destination to go.
No obstruction could standstill that my spirit could not break;
To reach your heart and continue my quest.
Even if the fluorite may no longer glow in the dark;
And the many facets of diamond loses its sparks.  
Your irresistible charm that melts my heart;
I will forever pray and asked God — for you to befall on my lap.

The Stubborn Woman

We make beautiful memories to cheer us in bad times (2)

By Virginia Close

The stubborn woman 

from yesterday becomes subservient today;
her wonderful thought of love comes in a flash.
A man from somewhere running to her very fast;
wooing and kneeling along with no cash.

‘It does not matter,’ she says, ‘God will provide;
as long you love me, we will go along fine.’
In her heart, she will walk with him with faith in God;
beyond her terms, but only her dreams.

Who is she to question why she falls in love?
To read what is coming, she would not care now.
Like a green pasture in the meadow, she will sing;
In the midst of the spring, she will dance with him.

She is thanking God for the blessings He brings;
her laughter in the air is all the Universe can hear.
The magic of love only God could deliver;
never question, just savour love with the guidance of God.