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How I wish



How I wish

By Virginia Close

How I wish I could hold your hands;
To go to places beyond my mind.
To the world where you and I
Can kiss and embrace without halt.

In your universe, I could not go as of now;
In your dreams I could not even come.
But that hinders not my love;
Nor prohibits my heart to stop my devotion to you.
Ceasing not I to recall the happy moments with you;
For heaven above hails my yearning for you.
With no denial you are now faraway;
Not by distance of land and not by the deepest sea.
Your body and soul is now with someone else;
It is painful and not just, but who am I not to comply.
The love given I to my dear sweetheart may not come back;
Regret not I but thankful that you were once mine.
I will never permit my soul to wonder;
Thus, yonder without destination to go.
No obstruction could standstill that my spirit could not break;
To reach your heart and continue my quest.
Even if the fluorite may no longer glow in the dark;
And the many facets of diamond loses its sparks.  
Your irresistible charm that melts my heart;
I will forever pray and asked God — for you to befall on my lap.

The Stubborn Woman

We make beautiful memories to cheer us in bad times (2)

By Virginia Close

The stubborn woman 

from yesterday becomes subservient today;
her wonderful thought of love comes in a flash.
A man from somewhere running to her very fast;
wooing and kneeling along with no cash.

‘It does not matter,’ she says, ‘God will provide;
as long you love me, we will go along fine.’
In her heart, she will walk with him with faith in God;
beyond her terms, but only her dreams.

Who is she to question why she falls in love?
To read what is coming, she would not care now.
Like a green pasture in the meadow, she will sing;
In the midst of the spring, she will dance with him.

She is thanking God for the blessings He brings;
her laughter in the air is all the Universe can hear.
The magic of love only God could deliver;
never question, just savour love with the guidance of God.

My husband

Today is champagne and roses, love and romance. Enjoy this happy day with your darling. Not all sweethearts are together physically today. Please bear in mind that distance is no barrier to a great relationship. 


By Virginia Close

My husband

is working in faraway land.
I am lonely and think of him
every second of the day.

Many moons and suns, I cry
without halt, for I miss my darling,
his smiles, his touches, and his voice.

To the world to be alone is the saddest
plot of all. Not to be near with
my sweetheart is doom to my heart,

My other half left so long ago to work
in a foreign land for our family to get by;
to give the glorious future to our daughters

and sons. Not only that, but my darling
also wants to hand me the best thing in life.
I am sure that he is suffering from being

apart from his kids and me.
Nevertheless, he endures for he loves
us dearly without stop.

Today is the coming of my love.
I have waited for this moment
every day since he was gone.

My heart is jumping to the sky,
gladness in my totality, food for the soul
that will make my spirit shine.

I am waiting patiently at the airport
with my family and friends. This is
the happiest time in my life.

My body shivers with joy
as I saw my love approaching by.
My breath almost stops when he

kisses me. Oh! My God, thank you
for bringing back my shining armour
in my arms safely and sound.




I am utterly lucky to have you!

My sister

As I promenade to the memories that we share;
I might be far, but my heart carries you all the way.
Thank you for the kindness that you continue to give;
You are an integral part of my great life.
In times of my happiness, you cherish with joy.
When I am down; ever more, it is you that I count on,
Going back to the path that we passed;
Not so long ago, outside forces tend to tear us apart.
They can try all they can, but, will succeed not;
For we are blood sisters bonded with our souls.
All my worries disappear when you are around;
In your absence, I remember the good old days.
In the gloomy moment, you make me laugh;
In the sparkling of the sun, the more you shine.
You have given me love to your best; such an inspiration, indeed. 
Beneath the façade of the faces that we know;
Your impressions fronting the inside is home to me.
In the midst of the tangible twists, you smile.
Unconditional love we bestow lightens our way.
On your special day, you deserve the ultimate gift.
From your younger sister, you spoilt from the start.
The absolute love untarnished through the years.
Though, you have heard it many times before; 

Happy Birthday my beautiful and sweetest sister! 

You are a gem – a present from High Above
May your dreams from the present and the past; 
Become real for you are worthy of the very best.

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Bright coloured


like a princess, I wear

to a ball in the bay.

The moonlight flatters

every piece of the necklace

on my neck – lustre

that hangs on my chest.

South sea pearls

from the Island of Tahiti.


Thoughts on my head;

beyond the horizon

comes back – priceless

memories I cherish.

My love and I will meet

tonight in the inlet.


Treasuring the moment

of the divine passion will

happen – romancing

under the glimmers

in a tropical setting.

Drinking coconut

cocktails with a dash

of magic will delight

my sweetheart.

The splashes

of the sea brought

by the breeze – moving

the universal gift;

epitome of the

goddess of beauty.


My darling is here;

flowers he brings

reaching – my

hands as he kneels

down, asking, will


you marry me?













Love is sweeter when naturally ripens.


It is an exciting month – February; time for love, romance, roses and chocolates to mention a few. Since I was young, Valentine’s day has been celebrated even at school. As early as kindergarten, I can recall that my teacher will help me make few Valentine cards for my parents and friends. Where does Valentine Day come? Many myths I read about it. According to the legend, it started in the Roman pagan festival, the Feast of Lupercalia, goddess of fertility. But why name the February 14 as the Valentine’s Day if it is so?

The Roman Catholic Church celebrated the Feast of Saint Valentine for many years but removed in the General Roman Calendar in 1969 ‒ one of the casualties in the revision. The reason; Saint Valentine had so little known factual – except February 14 was the day of his burial. Albeit removed Saint Valentine; he has a place in the Roman Martyrology. What has Cupid got to do with Valentine? According to the Roman Mythology, Cupid, the son of Venus was a winged boy and mischievous smiles. Cupid has a bow and arrow and whoever he strikes will not die but fall in love.

I chose to believe that Valentine Day comes from Saint Valentine, and I would not argue that this saint has a place in my heart. I will forever think that this human being gave love and devotion tested through times. For he made me feel and will forever remind me that February 14 is the day for love – to give importance to my dearest one. It is the day I celebrate each year not only to receive roses, box of chocolates, lovely greeting card, romantic dinner with champagne and caviar. But to take into account that the man who won my heart entwined with his. In return for all his good deeds, I will forever cherish and value the passion that I accept. Oh! Valentine’s Day, I welcome you every day!

I dedicate this poem to all the woman who are in love and to those who aren’t yet. It is never too late, love is just around the bend. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ALL!



Beautiful day came to my life;

A man fetching as can be.

Vision of my dream every night;

Handsome as Adonis to cherish me

The smiles he brings is heaven;

Caresses my soul within.

I adore his charm and poise;

His gentle hands repose.

The kisses that he gives;

Twinkles the stars above

Touch of the celestial perceive;

In him, I found the love.

My love everlasting is immortal;

The stellar and all the constellation agree.

With feelings of deception, that will never be.

The purest of my love is all I give to thee.

My breath will cease to stop someday;

My body will leave this earth for sure.

With the soil, it will break into pieces,

Thus, blend with earthen loam.

Although my body is not present

My spirit will still linger;

My love is perpetual and undying.

In heaven, we shall meet again.










The reverie of my youth is a splendid realm;

myth like — a saga in Wonderland;

with the fairies all around.


The euphoric twinkling as I promenade the

byway; with my mother all triumphal

as I walk — with such flare.

She is shouting with joy as I do my first few

steps; crying with tears of glee when

I continue to paddle my glare.


When I talk, she patiently listens to my

stuttering voice, so to tell, that is so!

Mama graciously — corrected

each phrase with the leer. One sunny day,

the laughter of my mum dominates

in the air; when she sees me


eating with the kitten in my room very dear.

As I feed the creature in my own

little hands; mama gladly

whispers, you are the kitten’s mummy just like me.

As I move to my path; my mother is there all

along. In my lows, she will


console me with such grace and poise. When I

triumph, she celebrates and regards all

my blessing from High Above.

My mother is such a star that will outdo all the

Hollywood stars.  The constellation will agree

without a doubt.


Mama, I adore you with all my totality.

Heart – soul – spirit; shout from the core;

I will love you — forever and




Christmas of 2015 had passed by, and each of us has the memories to cherish. This year is another special one, I stay put in Cairns; went to church, had Christmas lunch and accumulated the best bonding with few members of my family and friends. Like any household, food and drinks overflow; laughter and festive moods dominated the scene. In 2014, I spent Christmas in the city of romance and love, Paris, France. I was doing my research that time. Oblivious to my flight, I was staying beside the Dominican Monastery; covered by another building. A place in Paris not many tourists would go. I attended the Midnight Mass; it became the highlight of my travel. The beautiful voices of the priests as they sang; I felt like lifted to heaven. The songs from heaven gave me so much inspiration. After attending the mass, I inscribed this poem of which I posted January of 2015. DSCN2323



As the winter winds caress my very hands

Without gloves, so to speak numbs my very francs

The withered leaves fall to the spirit of my charms

To the joy of my spine in the hush of the vine

Although the lips in the grove nowhere to be found

Nevertheless the landscape of Paris; very grand to the curb

The lights on the Avenue of Champs-Elysees sparkle to the moon

Misty eyes overflow with river of flowing in tune

No upheavals to the just of my soul as I prance

Precipitation of the rain passing  by

Like gems from the shadow of the Dame

Mammon lands in the jostling of the narrow lane

The meadows gleam to the elitist in the gist of the realm


10907169_1019802078036894_577341196_o (3)



In the busy moment on the train;
As I watch different faces of the day.
I begin to see a subtle man eye to eye;
Smiles cluster on my cheeks very shy.

The glow in his eyes speaks with tune.
Hummingbirds suddenly appear on the rail.
I then jostle the haggler in my heart;
Lips of mine beaten by the teeth every grain.

In the glimpses of the contouring curbs;
As I stand, all my body trembles down.
The nearby station is so near yet so bland.
I then hope this handsome man shall go down.

Oh! My gosh, I am sure that my heart jumps like a child.
I realise that in every corner of the station is bright.
As the light of the sun blinds my eyes;
Sparkling with brilliance; never stops as I pass by.

Morning is foaming bubbles in the sky.
As I walk in the pathway of the street;
Someone holds my elbow on my right.
I almost jump with fear very scared.

The gorgeous man in the subway is in my sight;
Giving me the book that fell down from my lap!





I haven’t met you; but, I can feel you.
In every breath that you are taking;
I take the air with the scent of fresh flowers.
You feed me; because I am always hungry.

Even though, you are sleeping; you dream of me.
You carry me for many months with no complaining.
The life you give me is from love everlasting.
After many months of sleepless nights,

You are tired and utterly weary.

But in your heart, you are excited to see me.
Today, I meet you; In my mind, you are angry.
You are crying as you hold me; but, you are

kissing me as if you don’t want to release me.
Your whispers make me cool; you are saying,
I love you, baby; you are so beautiful.
With all of me, I will never cease to love you;

For you are the gift from High Above
A mother’s love is very pure!
Untarnished through the test of time.
As I was born, my mama was born too.

Not as a baby but as my mummy;
With unselfish needs to carry through.
If children are the gift from God;
A mother is the gift of God to humankind.