Bright coloured


like a princess, I wear

to a ball in the bay.

The moonlight flatters

every piece of the necklace

on my neck – lustre

that hangs on my chest.

South sea pearls

from the Island of Tahiti.


Thoughts on my head;

beyond the horizon

comes back – priceless

memories I cherish.

My love and I will meet

tonight in the inlet.


Treasuring the moment

of the divine passion will

happen – romancing

under the glimmers

in a tropical setting.

Drinking coconut

cocktails with a dash

of magic will delight

my sweetheart.

The splashes

of the sea brought

by the breeze – moving

the universal gift;

epitome of the

goddess of beauty.


My darling is here;

flowers he brings

reaching – my

hands as he kneels

down, asking, will


you marry me?












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