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My husband

Today is champagne and roses, love and romance. Enjoy this happy day with your darling. Not all sweethearts are together physically today. Please bear in mind that distance is no barrier to a great relationship. 


By Virginia Close

My husband

is working in faraway land.
I am lonely and think of him
every second of the day.

Many moons and suns, I cry
without halt, for I miss my darling,
his smiles, his touches, and his voice.

To the world to be alone is the saddest
plot of all. Not to be near with
my sweetheart is doom to my heart,

My other half left so long ago to work
in a foreign land for our family to get by;
to give the glorious future to our daughters

and sons. Not only that, but my darling
also wants to hand me the best thing in life.
I am sure that he is suffering from being

apart from his kids and me.
Nevertheless, he endures for he loves
us dearly without stop.

Today is the coming of my love.
I have waited for this moment
every day since he was gone.

My heart is jumping to the sky,
gladness in my totality, food for the soul
that will make my spirit shine.

I am waiting patiently at the airport
with my family and friends. This is
the happiest time in my life.

My body shivers with joy
as I saw my love approaching by.
My breath almost stops when he

kisses me. Oh! My God, thank you
for bringing back my shining armour
in my arms safely and sound.




In the memories of my youth, I was brought up in a loving household. I have two older brothers, two older sisters and the youngest girl was born when I was thirteen years old. Therefore, I was spoilt by the rest of the family for a long time. Like any sisters, we have good times and fights. Not all household are perfect. Every family has ups and downs and it is not unusual for siblings to have misunderstandings here and there. Do not let the worries get in the way. More so, let no other being interfere. More often than usual, the outsiders are the stirrer of the pot. Instead, make your challenges as tools to end the day brighter. Sisters grow up in poles apart paths as they get older. In teenage years, one may focus on studies, the other one may fall in love at a very young age. The older ones become the role model and are there to guide the youngers. But whatever happens in the future, blood sisters are there to hold each other’s hands in times of happiness and grief. To the transit of the cosmos; albeit, they will walk on the different roads, the happy thoughts will be given to their children. As a result, cousins become closer and family developes a stronger bond. When I was in Manchester, United Kingdom last year, I watched my two friends who are sisters as they chortled. My two sisters had been called to heaven some time ago and one is living in Australia. I missed all my sisters but life goes on and at that moment, wished that I was with my siblings talking and laughing. It was wintertime when I inscribed this poetry, freezing cold. However, my heart was filled with joy as I recollected my happy days with my female siblings. To all the sisters, I wish you all find the time to laugh and giggle together. For life can only be better if we have the sisters to talk about the gets in life, reminisce the happy thoughts and share the joy.



As they laugh to the wiggle of the scene;

The sisters talk all day long about the

memories of theirdreams.

It does not matter if they had seen each

other yesterday. When they’re together, 

everything looks so gay. In the coldness

of the day, they will cheer. To the warm

summer day, they will splash in the bay.

They exchange the bright sides of the clay;

gets in life, thoughts of love and their jobs.

As their memories said and the future

is ahead;  Never mind through it all, they

are sisters ever more. They may have troubles,

but, they will be gone; for they are connected

to their hearts. Mysteries in the kilt, they

will snigger. Newish mammoth in the realm

of the day. Along in the forlorn of the hay is

none existence. Older sister will lead to the

beauty soft and flair. Pallets in the dreary storm,

never mind. The young female sibling will not

get scared; for her sister will hold her hand to

pass the way. All, they want, is to bestow the

thoughts so refine; songs of love will spread

in the sky. Sisters are born to cheer each other;

to the tic of their hearts; in the greatest of the

jiffy, and more so in bad time.


My tatay

Today is Father’s Day in Australia. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Dad does not necessarily apply only to the natural parents. It also applies to the mothers, uncles, brothers and sisters who look after a child in the absence of the biological father for all sorts of reason. Many years ago, the heaven called my dad. I can still recall the saddest moment in my life when I held my father in my arms for the very last time. My dad’s name is Victorio, and many people fondly called him Victor. But, my mother called him Ling. When I was young, I did not have any idea what was the meaning of Ling. I later found out that it meant darling. The great memories of my father, I will cherish and treasure. I can clearly recollect how he taught me; counting my fingers and my toes. He was the first one to teach me how to write my name whilst my mother sat beside watching my fingers moving. My parents were loving and kind. And they were always together; going out of the house to go to work; going to church, cinema, vacation and the lot. It was a big blow to my mum when dad got sick and eventually did not recover. However, as the days passed, it was me who actually could not move forward about the passing of my father. And mum, thoroughly was aware of it. That was the time that she told me to be strong. That when a person is already in heaven, you want him to rest in peace. And my dad will watch over the family and me.



I learn to read; I acquire my knowledge of writing.

Victory is the meaning of your name.

Conquistador of my worries ever since.

Since I was born, you are my mentor;

The natural procreate, so kind and loving.

As I pass my path of youth;

You have been there to cheer my blessings.

There are times I lose my bearings;

You lift me up as high as heaven.

I do remember we have lots of avarice;

And one of them is giving me total devotion.

With all your patience, I accomplish my undertakings.

No other love can match you, dad;

No other man will treat me like a princess;

For you are one, and only kind.

I am here now because of your sincereness.

My life on earth is filled with flair and sparkles.

Our marvellous chronicles are in my heart;

I keep them in my chest of treasures,

So, nobody else can steal that richness.

With no silhouette of qualm and disbelief;

This very minutes, you are smiling.

With all aglow, you blow a kiss from stars above,

To your daughter who loves you so.

With your kindness and perseverance;

I am a happy being and happy soul.

With total warmth and dedication;


I know, and I feel that you are here watching;

And saying, thank you my dearest daughter,

For the warm greetings!