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The Stubborn Woman

We make beautiful memories to cheer us in bad times (2)

By Virginia Close

The stubborn woman 

from yesterday becomes subservient today;
her wonderful thought of love comes in a flash.
A man from somewhere running to her very fast;
wooing and kneeling along with no cash.

‘It does not matter,’ she says, ‘God will provide;
as long you love me, we will go along fine.’
In her heart, she will walk with him with faith in God;
beyond her terms, but only her dreams.

Who is she to question why she falls in love?
To read what is coming, she would not care now.
Like a green pasture in the meadow, she will sing;
In the midst of the spring, she will dance with him.

She is thanking God for the blessings He brings;
her laughter in the air is all the Universe can hear.
The magic of love only God could deliver;
never question, just savour love with the guidance of God.