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My Sweetest Mother

My Sweetest Mother

The kindest heart you have;
nurturing soul that inspires
my creativity – that is you
and no one else.

In your womb, I was fed
and cared for. With the grace
and blessings of God, I am

here breathing the joy of life.
No one else aside from
The Almighty will love me

as conditional as you would.
Without you, I am no one.
And it is you who reminds me –

to love God above all.
From the very core of my being,
I love you my sweetest mama.

Happy Mother’s Day!
You deserve the greatest
glory in your beautiful journey.

Thank you so much Lord for giving me my mum! For my mother’s devotion, faithfulness, and undying love – the greatest present from High Above.


Happy Mother’s Day Nanay

Happy Mother’s Day to all! Time to put our act together and give that great moment to our dear mum. Mother does not mean biological only. In some circumstances, anyone who looks after children is a mother; Aunties, Uncles, Single dads and even older siblings can turn out to be one. In the world where technology can reach the remotest part of every continent, it is easy enough to greet at least and say that sweet word__­­I love you, mum. Indeed, I am one of the luckiest beings that at my age, my mum is around. I can take her out to lunch and spoil__ to thank her for giving me life who carried me for many months and cared for me for plenty of moons without sleep whenever I get grumpy or just wanted to play in the middle of the night. Through the years, my Nanay has been with my ups and more so when I was down. No other being can match the love of our mothers. When I became a mum, I never thought how hard it would be; not taught at school. Being a mother is over and above the round-the clock duty; it is way more than that. Utterly, mothers are institution; the life-long endeavour that they give to their children; incredibly remarkable. I dedicate this poetry to my beloved mother Tess and all the mums. May we have a blessed and spectacular day! We deserve it!


Pure Soul

By: Virginia Close

One could only imagine; the love that you bring; so to speak, everlasting and never-ending.

 The continuous care you give is unrivaled.

Under the moonlight, you walk with me. In the panorama of the dusk,

We pass as if you are the light.

In the bright sunny day, you are there to put cover on my head.

In the bumping of the crowd, with calmness and finesse, you protect.

Many hiccups I have encounter;  you take it away in a flash.

In the break of the dawn, a smiling face you will greet.

In the resting of the sun; a beam in your features;

With no halt appears. No matter how tired you are;

Still, you have the energy to do the balance.

Amazingly, you are a woman with vigour and zest.

Beautiful in the heart –