Barking till the break of dawn;

The Dogs are lonely when they growl.

They have to walk; they have to prance;

To the warm summer day in the park.

Such a pity if they stay in the yard all

day long; for they will brawl with no

control. All day and night, they love you

so; Trolls to come; they will shoo.

All year round, the obedient best friend

guards the house with a grind. Like

ourselves, dogs need to exercise

outside. If they don’t, they will be

irritable; what a shame! They need

the care not only food to eat and

water to imbibe. The assistance must

be given to show them our love.

They need to flaunt their tails with

their smiles; and wiggle them to make

them shine. The great fun in living is what

 we aim. Dogs are happy as they stroll

like swans; prancing delightfully as

they strut with excite. Memories

of hiking give them joy and

content; ecstatic feeling of joviality

confirm in their hearts, inhaling with

grandeur of living when they pace.

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