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Thinking of the hours, you used to smile;

lovely thoughts will remain untouched.

Gone is the minute you kiss my soul;

memories remain just in my book.

What happens next is storm that do not stop;

thunder broke the mirror shattered the plot.

Rainbow, please? Come to make me bright.

The hope had turned off; the light of day appears

in the blink of my eye.

Now, my heart trusts the heaven up high.

I know, it is hard for me to reach the sky when

my life runs out of flight; but, I must try.

The love of you will keep me going;

the memories of you I will cherish and keep

in my heart;

forever and beyond in eternal height.

Gladness of Heaven

Gladness of Heaven



The water lily pond sparkles in the sun.

The flowing water caresses the vines.

Mischievous being comes along with a dire;

Persistent of nature to survive in a bland.

The waves in the sea touch my very own hand.

Flirtatious trees swinging with the wind from afar;

Graciously dancing the fountain behind.

Mystical beauty disappears with the light;

The affliction of intense stormy weather decides.

Mitigation of the intangible is now going to cry;

The gladness of heaven interferes with a smile.

Diamonds that sparkles is going to shine;

Faith in the future is now in my hand.