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Tatay (My Father)

My tatay



The Angels and the seraphs are passing by

With my Tatay carrying roses to greet me hi!

To see his handsome face makes me cry.

Tears of joy and jovial moments to see him smile.

His presence makes my heart jumps so high;

The memories of him is all that I have now.

The bond that we shared cannot be erased by anyone;

I carry him in my heart every day through all this time.

He was called to heaven a long time ago;

For his mission on earth is polished and done –

To nurture me and my siblings in this world of ours –

Tatay, you are the best – 

Your soul is untarnished and pure.

My dearest Tatay, I love you so!

You have given me the greatest in life and you did so!

Happy Father’s Day to you and your mates up there!

Have an awesome day with the Almighty in heaven…

I Thank you and salute you for all your great deeds here on earth!

Celestial entity


Welcome to my blog! I’m living in Australia for more than thirty years. I was moulded and educated in Manila, Philippines. My passion in writing is the gift from High Above and I want to share it with everyone. Writing poetry comes from the inner core of my totality that makes the gamut colorful to the intangibility of time. Please enjoy and be inspired by the words that were written for they  came from the world where I created to the righteous of my soul.