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Blooming flowers from the vine;

scent of roses entered my mind.

The reverie of you lifted me high;

ocean of water waves in my hand.

Two people in love I am so glad;

winds carry our spirits up above.

Clouds on our feet as we walk;

smiles happily laughter as I talk.

Touch of you makes me alive;

stroking my hair without tire;

you handle my heart, so gentle and

soft that glitters my eyes l.

Thus, enlighten my soul. 

Dash of a fairy dust not a tale; 

vision of you comes with a zest. 

Believe in yourself is a gel.

Fortune protrudes at its best!


The Flight Attendant

The Travel


By: Virginia Close

As she announces when we take off;

Seat belt on please to everyone. We

all obey her strict command;

For if we’re not, we cannot come.

I am like a child as I sit still; Her

very words I cannot break.

This is what I have in mind;

To follow her in every way.

If I don’t listen and, obey;

She will throw me, I will miss

the flight. To go home or see a new

place is out of sight;

To take the ship is not very swift.

The flight attendant lady is my

boss today; incredible skills she has

the grand. She treats me like;

a princess or a queen. This kind

lady gives me assurance that I am fine.

She might be tough but very brave;

to fly with me and many others on the

jet; Towering in the sky. The dedication

of her quest; My respect for her is very

high. A flight attendant even says;

just relax and drink your wine, ma’am and

sirs.’ Blankets for the kids to keep them

warm; Hope you do enjoy the flying time.





The muscle – anatomy of a young man;

confuses my unnerving mind,

with gladness

of your wits; my veins swirl to its vine.

The Adonis of my dream is

charming as a prince;

tickles the molecule of my spine; mental

torture to my system align.

Alarming echo of divine; 


Oh my Adonis! Fetching and burly; do you  

exist?  In the reality of my life; in the

reality of the metaphor


of the day; forever I long to intwine with your

soul. The heavenly love from spirit calls;

as pure as silk of clouds in the


sky way up high. The moon; the starlight appears

when the sun gives the way;  to have me in your

arms; forever and more.


The extinction of subsistence on earth outshines.


The love I give will melt your heart.

Celestial entity


Welcome to my blog! I’m living in Australia for more than thirty years. I was moulded and educated in Manila, Philippines. My passion in writing is the gift from High Above and I want to share it with everyone. Writing poetry comes from the inner core of my totality that makes the gamut colorful to the intangibility of time. Please enjoy and be inspired by the words that were written for they  came from the world where I created to the righteous of my soul.