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Virginia lives in Australia for more than thirty years. Born and bred in the busy Metropolis of Manila, Philippines. In her first year of university, she enrolled in the College of Engineering at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. After a year, she shifted to the College of Arts and Sciences when she realised that writing is more important to her. She was passionate in writing that landed her a place to train in Communication Foundation for Asia before graduation. "Writing poetry is enjoyable. Poetry lyrics the melody in my heart. It enhances my soul and awakens my spirit. The people I encounter and the places I visit give me the utmost inspiration. The connection of my thoughts to the real world comes from my heart. To put in words the feeling inside me makes my sphere go beyond the realm of happiness. I hope you enjoy my blog."





I haven’t met you; but, I can feel you.
In every breath that you are taking;
I take the air with the scent of fresh flowers.
You feed me; because I am always hungry.

Even though, you are sleeping; you dream of me.
You carry me for many months with no complaining.
The life you give me is from love everlasting.
After many months of sleepless nights,

You are tired and utterly weary.

But in your heart, you are excited to see me.
Today, I meet you; In my mind, you are angry.
You are crying as you hold me; but, you are

kissing me as if you don’t want to release me.
Your whispers make me cool; you are saying,
I love you, baby; you are so beautiful.
With all of me, I will never cease to love you;

For you are the gift from High Above
A mother’s love is very pure!
Untarnished through the test of time.
As I was born, my mama was born too.

Not as a baby but as my mummy;
With unselfish needs to carry through.
If children are the gift from God;
A mother is the gift of God to humankind.


Tatay (My Father)

My tatay



The Angels and the seraphs are passing by

With my Tatay carrying roses to greet me hi!

To see his handsome face makes me cry.

Tears of joy and jovial moments to see him smile.

His presence makes my heart jumps so high;

The memories of him is all that I have now.

The bond that we shared cannot be erased by anyone;

I carry him in my heart every day through all this time.

He was called to heaven a long time ago;

For his mission on earth is polished and done –

To nurture me and my siblings in this world of ours –

Tatay, you are the best – 

Your soul is untarnished and pure.

My dearest Tatay, I love you so!

You have given me the greatest in life and you did so!

Happy Father’s Day to you and your mates up there!

Have an awesome day with the Almighty in heaven…

I Thank you and salute you for all your great deeds here on earth!



Gone are the days when you use to teach me how to count

The endless laughter we shared as we walked hand and hand

I cried so hard when you went to work each day

For I long to be with you all day long to play

My serene moments I sat to reminisce our good old days

The wonderland stories, the myths and the tales you narrated

As l listened with my heart’s delight under the moonlight

Looking at the starlight that flickers so far away

I am very sure without a doubt

That the starlight in heaven is you my dearest dad

Saying I love you my sweet Olai of mine





Blooming flowers from the vine;

scent of roses entered my mind.

The reverie of you lifted me high;

ocean of water waves in my hand.

Two people in love I am so glad;

winds carry our spirits up above.

Clouds on our feet as we walk;

smiles happily laughter as I talk.

Touch of you makes me alive;

stroking my hair without tire;

you handle my heart, so gentle and

soft that glitters my eyes l.

Thus, enlighten my soul. 

Dash of a fairy dust not a tale; 

vision of you comes with a zest. 

Believe in yourself is a gel.

Fortune protrudes at its best!


The Flight Attendant

The Travel


By: Virginia Close

As she announces when we take off;

Seat belt on please to everyone. We

all obey her strict command;

For if we’re not, we cannot come.

I am like a child as I sit still; Her

very words I cannot break.

This is what I have in mind;

To follow her in every way.

If I don’t listen and, obey;

She will throw me, I will miss

the flight. To go home or see a new

place is out of sight;

To take the ship is not very swift.

The flight attendant lady is my

boss today; incredible skills she has

the grand. She treats me like;

a princess or a queen. This kind

lady gives me assurance that I am fine.

She might be tough but very brave;

to fly with me and many others on the

jet; Towering in the sky. The dedication

of her quest; My respect for her is very

high. A flight attendant even says;

just relax and drink your wine, ma’am and

sirs.’ Blankets for the kids to keep them

warm; Hope you do enjoy the flying time.



Thinking of the hours, you used to smile;

lovely thoughts will remain untouched.

Gone is the minute you kiss my soul;

memories remain just in my book.

What happens next is storm that do not stop;

thunder broke the mirror shattered the plot.

Rainbow, please? Come to make me bright.

The hope had turned off; the light of day appears

in the blink of my eye.

Now, my heart trusts the heaven up high.

I know, it is hard for me to reach the sky when

my life runs out of flight; but, I must try.

The love of you will keep me going;

the memories of you I will cherish and keep

in my heart;

forever and beyond in eternal height.

Gladness of Heaven

Gladness of Heaven



The water lily pond sparkles in the sun.

The flowing water caresses the vines.

Mischievous being comes along with a dire;

Persistent of nature to survive in a bland.

The waves in the sea touch my very own hand.

Flirtatious trees swinging with the wind from afar;

Graciously dancing the fountain behind.

Mystical beauty disappears with the light;

The affliction of intense stormy weather decides.

Mitigation of the intangible is now going to cry;

The gladness of heaven interferes with a smile.

Diamonds that sparkles is going to shine;

Faith in the future is now in my hand.

A mother’s love is pure


By: Virginia Close

The moment of waiting jumps my soul with excite!

My spirit elevates right through in the sky.

I am going to meet the human being;

that comes from my vine.

The beautiful girl with diamond in her heart;

I named her Victoria so charming and grand.

The tenderly feeling as she smiles back with shine.

The little fingers I hold with care as I proclaim;


 The love both awaits us in the world that is bless.

My daughter Victoria is the very best!





Barking till the break of dawn;

The Dogs are lonely when they growl.

They have to walk; they have to prance;

To the warm summer day in the park.

Such a pity if they stay in the yard all

day long; for they will brawl with no

control. All day and night, they love you

so; Trolls to come; they will shoo.

All year round, the obedient best friend

guards the house with a grind. Like

ourselves, dogs need to exercise

outside. If they don’t, they will be

irritable; what a shame! They need

the care not only food to eat and

water to imbibe. The assistance must

be given to show them our love.

They need to flaunt their tails with

their smiles; and wiggle them to make

them shine. The great fun in living is what

 we aim. Dogs are happy as they stroll

like swans; prancing delightfully as

they strut with excite. Memories

of hiking give them joy and

content; ecstatic feeling of joviality

confirm in their hearts, inhaling with

grandeur of living when they pace.